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😊 We want to do things right,
🤝 we want you to trust what you buy.
🏡 Therefore, we adapt to your daily needs,
♻️ using more sustainable and respectful materials,
🏅 guaranteeing the quality of all our products.
🌱 ¡Take action and switch to Green consumption!
🛒 From your consumption you can change many things.

We are the
sustainablealternative .

Day after day we use consumables in our home to facilitate the preservation, protection and transportation of food. Lunch bags, film for freezing food, aluminum foil for wrapping sandwiches… The problem is that all these products are made of materials that do not fit in with our way of consuming. Here is our solution: use materials that are respectful of our environment to manufacture the products we need in our daily lives. Thus was born the Green Fliss range of products, the real and sustainable alternative we needed.

Ecologismo Green Fliss


Committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing daily consumables that reduce the carbon footprint.

Sustainability Green Fliss


We eliminate plastic derivatives, glues and resins and replace them with vegetable fibers and natural waxes.

Responsibility Green Fliss


We guarantee the highest quality of our products complying with all ECO certificates.